The legal landscape is changing fast. Clients today want different legal services that meet their needs. I offer a range of service models to help you achieve the results you want, with the support that you prefer.

Not sure what you want, or what you need? I explain my services below and the differences between them. The first step is always a consultation. Contact me below to request one.

Legal Representation

This is the traditional method of delivering legal services. If your matter is in court, I will be on record as your solicitor. I will be responsible for drafting court documents, communicating your legal position in writing, and responding to correspondence from the opposing party. I will act on your instructions, but in general I will be much more responsible for how your legal matter is handled.

Legal Coaching

Are you interested in mediation? Would you prefer not to have lawyers involved when negotiating emotional issues with your partner? For clients who prefer to handle their matters more independently, with support from legal counsel, this could be the best option for you. I can help you strategize pre-mediation, or pre-separation, what your primary goals are, and how to reach them.

Limited Legal Services

Do you feel confident that you are able to handle most aspects of your legal matter yourself, but need help with something specific, like drafting the original forms for a court application? Do you need a specific service like a pre-marriage contract, but want a fixed (as opposed to hourly) rate? I offer block fees for some services where the amount of work involved is foreseeable.

Contact me here to see how we can work together.

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